Reasons To Buy A Home In The Winter

We are led to believe that the spring and summer months are the prime time for purchasing a home, but have you ever considered purchasing a home in the winter?

Here are a few reasons to prove that buying a home in the winter might just land you a better deal!

The Best Bargains

With low temperatures – home sellers are less likely to pack up their belongings, as well as fewer offers coming in on homes. It would be the perfect time to snag a deal as agents and sellers are trying to close as quickly as possible!

Less Competition 

There will definitely be less savvy potential buyers in the market during the winter, due to icy roads and pavements. If you’re willing to endure the weather conditions – you just might land yourself an amazing deal!


A sure sign that a seller is ready to sell their home and move on out is when they’re selling in the middle of winter. Whatever the circumstance may be, negotiating a selling price, closing cost or closing date are more likely to be open for negotiation!

Most Sellers Are Holding Off Until Spring

Sure, the market might not be as booming in the winter, but it might be the perfect time to find exactly what you’re looking for, with less competition!

Working One-On-One

Winter being the slower season, your agent will have more time to spend with you regarding your big upcoming purchase. Spring is a hectic time for all agents, so in the wintertime, you’ll be able to have their undivided attention!

Homes Are Less Appealing In Winter

Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep a home looking sparkling and beautiful during the winter. There’s snow, mud, ice and salt to name a few that can make homes less appealing. However, you could use this to negotiate a better price, not to mention, the less appealing to buyers, the less offers a home will get, meaning yours could be at the top of the list!!

Mortgage Rates

You want the best mortgage rate possible so it’s always best to speak with a mortgage broker before the prices go up in the new year. Let the low supply and demand work in your favour – Don’t be left scrambling and bidding come the springtime.

Article Source: HGTV

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Canada’s Most Expensive Homes Sold In 2019

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Fast Home Fixes For July!

Summer is the perfect time for all of those home projects and cleaning chores you’ve been putting off throughout the winter & spring!

Here is a quick list to help guide you!

Edge Garden Beds

Add Some Light To Your Garden

Refresh Mulch

Turn Off The Sprinklers

Fill In The Garden

Tackle Sidewalk Mildew

Weed Smarter

Test Garage Doors

Clean Bathroom Fans

Know Your Storm Plan

Trim Evergreen Trees

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So long, 2018; hello, 2019!

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