Family Holiday Events In The GTA!

There are still tons of inexpensive events going on in the GTA this weekend!

We’ve compiled a little list to give you & your family a couple ideas 

Happy Holidays!

Ideas For Your Backyard In The Winter!

Just because there’s snow on the ground and low temperatures outside, doesn’t mean that your backyard has to be ignored this Winter!

Here are a few ideas to heat up your outdoor living space, just in time for the holidays!

Outdoor Fireplace:

Bring on the heat! This is probably the easiest way to be able to enjoy the outdoors while staying cozy beside the fire! Other options include heat lamps or a simple fire pit!

Patio Roof

Imagine a nice cup of tea in the morning, sitting at your favourite patio set that you enjoy during the summer months! All you will need is a little roof cover to stop the snow and ice from falling – Can be used in the summer as well!

Cozy Chair Coverings & Accessories 

Keep warm by adding weather-resistant rugs, blankets and pillows to your patio set!

Colourful & Winter Blooming Plants

Flowers aren’t only for spring & summer! There are certain plants that bloom in the winter! Such as pansies, Japanese quince, dogwood and heather are all very popular!

Outdoor Grilling

Don’t let the snow stop you! Invite your friends over for a winter BBQ feast! Think hearty veggies and meats that will warm you right up!


With shorter days and longer, cold nights – lighting is key! Think string lights, solar lights or even candles to brighten up your outdoor space!

Get Active Outdoors!

How fun is your very own skating rink?! Other ways to actively use your backyard space could be a sledding track, snowmen and snow angels… The list is endless and the kids will love it!


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Here Is Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Whether you are selling your home, or just having company over and want your place to be spick and span for summer holidays… We have a complete list to make your job a little bit easier!

  1. De-clutter: Go through your drawers and cabinets, get rid of any items you haven’t used or don’t need. Donating to your local thrift store or posting these items online is a great way to recycle!
  2. Discard state or expired items: Pretty straightforward!
  3. Clean the shelves: Dust and wipe down those grimy shelves! Perhaps even install a fresh cabinet liner inside!
  4. Vacuum: Get into all those nooks and crannies – don’t forget upholstered furniture!
  5. Throw Pillows & Rugs: Weather permitting, be sure to air out your throw pillows and rugs to get rid of dust and dirt!
  6. Missing or damaged caulking: Be sure to check outside your home to see if there is any caulk missing or damaged from around the windows and doors. Do a quick repair!
  7. Fireplace & chimney: It’s a great idea to have a professional come in and inspect, especially before these hot summer months are upon us. This is more of a safety issue that should most definitely be taken into consideration!!
  8. Windows: Inside and out! Everyone loves to look out a crystal clear window!
  9. Last but not least… Flowers!!: What says spring better than a nice pot of bright, beautiful flowers? Put them on your tables, in front of your house for passerby’s to gaze upon, beside your bed, so many options!

Once you’re finished, celebrate my giving yourself a pat on the back, perhaps cooking a nice meal to enjoy your fresh new home, sit back and enjoy!

From your friends at Sutton Group Realty Systems Inc., Brokerage


Are Condo Boards Working With The Grinch?

“No Christmas Trees Allowed?”

Most Condo Boards have begun posting notices around their lobby and in mail rooms “Real Christmas Trees are Not Permitted” “Wreaths and Other Decorations or Door Knockers Are Not to Be Hung on Your Unit Door”.

Does Your Condo Board Allow Christmas Trees?

Many of these notices have logical reasons behind them, fire hazards for example, and imagine hundreds of unit owners trying to proudly fit their 7ft Douglas Fir into the elevators. Talk about a cramped elevator ride – and a messy lobby!

However these bulletins during the Holiday Season can sound like they were written by the Grinch himself.

So how can we get our Holiday Spirit Back into our Condominiums?

Check Out Our 3 Favourite Ways to Add Some Festive Decorations To Your Condo!

  1. For Outdoorsy Types, swap out some shelves with tree branches. You’ll get that authentic Christmas tree feel without the pine-needle mess!

Keep it low enough for the kids to hang their favourite soft ornaments with ribbon or string

One string of lights should do the trick – Have some fun and dump the regular shaped bulbs for star shaped lights!


2. If it’s pretty ornaments that get you into the holiday spirit, a mesh screen is a great place setter for your favourite ones! This gorgeous DIY vintage window frame can display as many  or as little ornaments as you like.

Bonus: Not feeling the spot you set up? Pick up the whole frame (carefully) and move it around to any room you like!

3. A True Artist Cannot *Resist* a Chalk Board Wall! Check out the beautiful scene complete with fireplace and ode to Rudolph.

How are you going to dress up your Condo For The Holidays? 

Let us know! Post your pics on social media and hashtag #SuttonSpirit so we can see them too! 


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Annual Gingerbread House Contest – Presented by This Old House

This Old House is widely known for their very festive competitions; beautifully carved Pumpkins for Halloween, previous gingerbread palaces and more!

This Holiday season, they’re continuing the gingerbread house tradition, and even asking for contestants to add some Christmas decorations in the “yard” for example. The creative possibilities are endless!

After creating your epic gingerbread mansion, all that you need to do is snap a photo and upload a brief caption, along with how long the project took to create and which tools you used for the final result!

The deadline is December 30th, so be sure to enter NOW for your chance to win!

The grand prize winner will receive a KOHLER kitchen accessory prize pack (valued at apprx. $670)… Not bad for a super fun project that you get to snack on with your family after!!

The winners will be selected by This Old House‘s editors , and notified on January 8th 2018.

To upload your gingerbread houses, click the link below! 

Best of luck!!!

Just Listed! The Tastiest House On The Market! Gingerbread Dream Home


Gingerbread Dream Home!

This Holiday season, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and REALTORS® are inspiring Canadians to donate to local Habitat for Humanity building projects to help families in need.

We launched our holiday campaign with, a life-size gingerbread home complete with the finest furnishings like candy chandeliers, ice cream sandwich couches and even a marble fudge countertop.

While the Gingerbread Dream Home is a stretch of the imagination, REALTORS® can also make the holidays a little sweeter by helping bridge the gap for low-income families to achieve affordable homeownership.

Visit before December 13 to learn more and donate to your local Habitat for Humanity. Don’t forget to spread the seasonal cheer and encourage others to make a donation!