Landlord Tip – Try and Get 2 Pieces of ID Before Renting

When I read this story about a Landlord’s horrible ordeal with her tenant, I thought the best way of helping other landlords was by sharing her experience and adding a few tips from my years as a Landlord.


While the Province of Ontario does not allow security deposits, I am a little more careful these days about securing proof of the condition of my unit before I rent it out. I usually take several photos of the property and add them as part of my lease agreement.


We tour the unit on the occupancy date, we review the photos together and each page is dated and initialled by the tenant. This way the tenant has peace of mind the scratch in the hardwood was there before they moved in and I have evidence the hole in the living room wall was not!


Always get 2 pieces of photo ID, 3 if you can get it. The 2 pieces of photo ID could be a drivers license, health card, or passport – and as a back up I ask to look at a visa card. New to Canada, no visa card yet – how about a bank statement.  Someone trying to disguise their identity will have a harder time providing 3 pieces of ID. A Drivers License isn’t enough for me anymore.



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