A Look Ahead Into Canadian Markets In The Next Year


Depending on which part of Canada you live in – 2019 is either a year to look forward to or dread!

In Toronto – The growth will be slower, but growth just the same. Very similar to 2018, there will continue to be upward pressure on prices but increased interest rates/mortgage stress testing has added to the lofty growth we’ve seen throughout 2016 to 2017.

In Montreal – Continuing it’s growth as the hottest market in the country (with perhaps the exception of Ottawa) However there will not be a massive price growth, much like Toronto.

In Vancouver – After suffering the difficulty with the B-20 mortgage stress test, the NDP Government increased the foreign buyer tax from 15% to 20%, also introducing/expanding a speculation and vacancy tax. The market will continue to show little activity.

In Calgary – After missing out on the Olympics, it might end up squeezing the city’s economy. However, Calgary is deeply tied to the oil/gas sector and it was the city firmly planted in doldrums.

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Are Condo Boards Working With The Grinch?

“No Christmas Trees Allowed?”

Most Condo Boards have begun posting notices around their lobby and in mail rooms “Real Christmas Trees are Not Permitted” “Wreaths and Other Decorations or Door Knockers Are Not to Be Hung on Your Unit Door”.

Does Your Condo Board Allow Christmas Trees?

Many of these notices have logical reasons behind them, fire hazards for example, and imagine hundreds of unit owners trying to proudly fit their 7ft Douglas Fir into the elevators. Talk about a cramped elevator ride – and a messy lobby!

However these bulletins during the Holiday Season can sound like they were written by the Grinch himself.

So how can we get our Holiday Spirit Back into our Condominiums?

Check Out Our 3 Favourite Ways to Add Some Festive Decorations To Your Condo!

  1. For Outdoorsy Types, swap out some shelves with tree branches. You’ll get that authentic Christmas tree feel without the pine-needle mess!

Keep it low enough for the kids to hang their favourite soft ornaments with ribbon or string

One string of lights should do the trick – Have some fun and dump the regular shaped bulbs for star shaped lights!


2. If it’s pretty ornaments that get you into the holiday spirit, a mesh screen is a great place setter for your favourite ones! This gorgeous DIY vintage window frame can display as many  or as little ornaments as you like.

Bonus: Not feeling the spot you set up? Pick up the whole frame (carefully) and move it around to any room you like!

3. A True Artist Cannot *Resist* a Chalk Board Wall! Check out the beautiful scene complete with fireplace and ode to Rudolph.

How are you going to dress up your Condo For The Holidays? 

Let us know! Post your pics on social media and hashtag #SuttonSpirit so we can see them too! 


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What To Expect From The Canadian Housing Market in 2019

2018 – The year when Canada’s housing market hit the brakes… What will happen in 2019?

The Canadian Real Estate Association sees home sales rebounding a little (2.1 per cent) in 2019 with home prices roughly keeping up with inflation (2.7 per cent). In Ontario, prices will likely climb a little faster (3.3 per cent) and in British Columbia, a bit more slowly.

Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island can also expect modest price gains, while Saskatchewan and Newfoundland Labrador will experience a small dipping. The forecast for Alberta was stable, although that predated the recent oil price plunge.

The big banks expect interest rates to continue to rise between 2.25 per cent & 2.75 per cent by the end of 2019. Todd Schlanger, senior investment strategist at Vanguard Investments Canada says the Canadian economy will likely continue to grow in 2019, albeit at a slower pace than in 2018. 

Rather than a housing collapse, a more likely scenario is one in which home prices stagnate as household incomes slowly catch up. Another factor that might help keep the market stable is that rents are sky-high. This could help sustain the demand from homebuyers. 

Home buyers should be patient, and not count on price gains to make up for negative cash flow. And home sellers should be realistic and not fixate on “old peak prices” as they usually end up having to “chase the market down” watching their asking price gradually fall. If you are keen on selling, you have to be ahead of the market and possibly anticipate future prices declines.

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Will it crash? Here’s what to expect from the Canadian housing market in 2019

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Toronto’s Average Home Prices! Find Out What Your Home Is Worth!

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Paint Colour of the Year 2017 – Get Idea’s Before You Sell Your Home!

Thinking of selling your home in 2017?  Before freshening up your home with a few painting projects you may find these colour trends helpful.

Remember to keep your colours neutral to make your home appealing to the masses.

2017 Colour Trends | Benjamin Moore

Paint Colour of the Year 2017 - Get Idea's Before You Sell Your Home!

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Selling You Home? Check Out These Helpful Hints!

18 Tips For Living In Your Home While It’s For Sale
Christy Crouch – Lighter Side Of Real Estate

Selling You Home? Check Out These Helpful Hints!

Its one of the largest and most expensive assets most of us will ever own. It’s where we lay our head down at night, the place we make memories and call home. Selling it can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful experiences you may ever go through. So here are 18 tips for living in your home while it’s for sale to help you through the process:

  1. Yes, make the beds every day!
  2. If you smoke, don’t do it in the house! And if you’ve smoked in the house it would pay to have a restoration company come try to treat it or consider having it completely painted to rid the smell.
  3. Dishes up. 🙂
  4. Keep closets and storage areas organized, the larger they appear the better!
  5. Keep it smelling nice. If you cook something strange, air it out!
  6. Keep the temperature comfortable and season appropriate.
  7. Fresh flowers inside and out are always a nice touch.
  8. Keep your refrigerator clean and organized in case they look.
  9. Keep your trash cans emptied.
  10. Keep the floors vacuumed.
  11. Keep the yard tidy.
  12. Leave whenever possible and take pets with you; it makes the buyers feel more at ease. You want them to take the time to appreciate your home, right?
  13. Don’t talk to the other agent or buyer directly more than you have to. You hired your agent for a reason, so let them do their job.
  14. Be prepared for lights to be left on, doors left unlocked, and heaven knows what else I’ve had happen over the years. It’s not often but it’s also not the exception to the rule unfortunately these things happen sometimes.
  15. Wait patiently for feedback from your agent. Sometimes it takes a few days to hear back from the other agent and the buyer.
  16. Be as patient as you can throughout the process and try not to blame your Realtor if it doesn’t sell right away. If you chose the right agent, they have no reason in the world not to do everything they can to get your home sold as soon as possible and for that matter, for as much money as possible. They don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.
  17. Remove any really valuable items. Consider taking them to a safety deposit box or storage unit just to be safe.
  18. Breathe. When it’s meant to sell, that right buyer will come along. 🙂

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Think Sutton! Free Home Staging Consultation! In-House Designer to Help You Prepare Your Home for Sale

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Townhomes Offer Solution To Toronto Real-Estate Conundrum – Toronto Metro

Townhomes Offer Solution To Toronto Real-Estate Conundrum 

By: Metro Published on Thu Dec 15 2016

Towns offer an affordable solution for those who’ve outgrown their condo but can’t afford a single-family home in the exploding GTA market.

Townhomes Offer Solution To Toronto Real-Estate Conundrum - Toronto Metro

It’s a conundrum for growing urban families. What to do when you’ve outgrown your condominium and yet find yourself priced out of Toronto’s skyrocketing detached home market?

As the price gap between GTA condominium suites and single-family homes widens, first-time buyers are finding it difficult to get a foothold into the market.

Townhomes are an increasingly popular housing form that fits the need, as more and more builders pivot towards infill developments in existing neighbourhoods. The townhome sits somewhere between a condo and a single-family home in terms of affordability and living space. And as the trend continues, market changes may very well lead townhomes to emerge as the single-family home of the future.

“Detached and semi-detached homes are seeing a much higher increase year-over-year in the price value than the condos are,” says TheRedPin.com co-founder Rokham Fard. “So on a compound interest level, people are losing more on their assets or gaining more, depending on which side they are on.”

“The interesting wedge in-between are the townhomes, either freehold or condo towns. The price point seems to be the most reasonable next step for condo owners who are generally young families.”

One builder that specializes in freehold townhomes is Dunpar Homes. The family-run business is known for building high-quality communities in Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville.

Michael DiPasquale, Dunpar’s VP of operations, says the company is seeing a high demand for this type of housing.

“A lot of people are in these very small condos, and they’re getting smaller and smaller. Once you meet somebody and get married or you want to move in together, people want decent space.” he says. “Our towns range from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet. It’s rare to find a condo that big.”

Dunpar offers a common element arrangement that offers condo-like conveniences. “Homeowners are still responsible for the house, but the landscaping in front, snowplowing garbage pickup, is taken care of.” says DiPasquale.

In Toronto’s south Forest Hill neighbourhood, Circa’s 3 Markdale townhomes sit at the edge of an established residential community by the Cedarvale Ravine. Six boutique condo towns have just been released.

These units feature Scavolini custom-designed kitchen cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances, including a Bertazzoni natural gas range. Ceramic and stone or quartz bathroom finishes complement a deep soaker tub, solid core wood doors and a sliding door to the balcony.

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