10 Reasons You Should List Your Home During the Holidays or Not Take it Off the Market

The Best Time to List Could Be Right Now!

The Best Time to List Could Be Right Now!



The holidays are here and some people think that is at cross purposes with selling a home. The good news is that is could be an even better time to sell your home because it is the holiday season. Take a look at what actually happens in the minds of buyers and how that can help sellers get their homes sold.
  1. People are generally happy during the holidays. They may be looking for that perfect home and call it their perfect Christmas gift. We don’t want to disappoint. Some agents say December is their busiest month meaning buyers are buying.

  2. Decorated homes engage the emotions. Buyers may relate or feel more connected to a tastefully decorated home. Remember emotions buy!  

  3. Fewer homes on the market mean less competition. If you wait until after the holidays or even springtime, you are likely to see other homes coming on the market in large numbers. Less inventory now means higher prices and less negotiation.  

  4. Holiday home buyers are more SERIOUS buyers!  If they are out looking instead of shopping and going to parties, they are serious about moving and probably have an immediate need. There may even be getting a year-end bonus they can use for a down payment that has them excited.  

  5. Relocation buyers are on strict timelines. Some may be getting relocation assistance and need to close quickly to take advantage of the financial help coming from the employer to get started in the new job.

  6. Your home may look its best during the holidays!  The pretty lights and Christmas décor will get the focus of the buyers and they may not notice little wear factor of the home. In other words, the home may look better with holiday decorations.  
  7. Buyers may have more time off to look at homes!  Many get extra time off around the holidays and with the kids out of school their minds may go to finding a new home as their current home suddenly feels not right for the family.
  8. Life happens and brings life changes. Houses become too small, children may want to change schools, parents may want to move closer to work, family members come and family members go. Our needs change and the time of year is not a discerner.
  9. The Seller can call the shots.  You don’t have to move unless you like the offer and terms. Remember serious buyers make serious offers. Buyers may want to get the New Year started in their New Home. You can make it happen for you. too.
  10. New Qualifying regulations may play a part in a Buyer needing to move while his Pre-Approval is still valid. 
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Paint Colour of the Year 2017 – Get Idea’s Before You Sell Your Home!

Thinking of selling your home in 2017?  Before freshening up your home with a few painting projects you may find these colour trends helpful.

Remember to keep your colours neutral to make your home appealing to the masses.

2017 Colour Trends | Benjamin Moore

Paint Colour of the Year 2017 - Get Idea's Before You Sell Your Home!

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Selling You Home? Check Out These Helpful Hints!

18 Tips For Living In Your Home While It’s For Sale
Christy Crouch – Lighter Side Of Real Estate

Selling You Home? Check Out These Helpful Hints!

Its one of the largest and most expensive assets most of us will ever own. It’s where we lay our head down at night, the place we make memories and call home. Selling it can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful experiences you may ever go through. So here are 18 tips for living in your home while it’s for sale to help you through the process:

  1. Yes, make the beds every day!
  2. If you smoke, don’t do it in the house! And if you’ve smoked in the house it would pay to have a restoration company come try to treat it or consider having it completely painted to rid the smell.
  3. Dishes up. 🙂
  4. Keep closets and storage areas organized, the larger they appear the better!
  5. Keep it smelling nice. If you cook something strange, air it out!
  6. Keep the temperature comfortable and season appropriate.
  7. Fresh flowers inside and out are always a nice touch.
  8. Keep your refrigerator clean and organized in case they look.
  9. Keep your trash cans emptied.
  10. Keep the floors vacuumed.
  11. Keep the yard tidy.
  12. Leave whenever possible and take pets with you; it makes the buyers feel more at ease. You want them to take the time to appreciate your home, right?
  13. Don’t talk to the other agent or buyer directly more than you have to. You hired your agent for a reason, so let them do their job.
  14. Be prepared for lights to be left on, doors left unlocked, and heaven knows what else I’ve had happen over the years. It’s not often but it’s also not the exception to the rule unfortunately these things happen sometimes.
  15. Wait patiently for feedback from your agent. Sometimes it takes a few days to hear back from the other agent and the buyer.
  16. Be as patient as you can throughout the process and try not to blame your Realtor if it doesn’t sell right away. If you chose the right agent, they have no reason in the world not to do everything they can to get your home sold as soon as possible and for that matter, for as much money as possible. They don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.
  17. Remove any really valuable items. Consider taking them to a safety deposit box or storage unit just to be safe.
  18. Breathe. When it’s meant to sell, that right buyer will come along. 🙂

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Think Sutton! Free Home Staging Consultation! In-House Designer to Help You Prepare Your Home for Sale

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WOW – Talk About STAGING – Spotted in the Toronto Star!

WOW - Talk About STAGING - Spotted in the Toronto Star!The Details:
Location: 68 Corporate Dr., Unit 122, McCowan Rd. and Corporate Dr.

Asking price: $340,000
Selling price: $336,000
Previous selling price: $213,000 (2008)

Size: more than 900 square feet

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Days on the market: 4

This unit on the ground floor of a highrise condo building sold in just 4 days for 99 per cent of the asking price.

“With 14-foot high ceilings, this unique luxury condo suite also features pot lights, stainless-steel appliances, an in-unit crawl space, custom window coverings and high quality laminate floors,” says listing agent Sarah Cott of Sutton Group Realty Systems. The building has easy access to Hwy. 401 and is near Scarborough Town Centre and the LRT. Click here to read full Toronto Star Article

Sarah is not your average Toronto Real Estate Agent. Just look at the work she put in with her Team at Glass Onion Group to transform this once plain condo into a stunning show stopper!  Read the whole story here

WOW - Talk About STAGING - Spotted in the Toronto Star!


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A Decor Gift For Home Owners, from Your Sutton Group Realtor

Sutton Group Realty Bannershrewin-paint-sale-decemberPrepare your home for the holidays with a fresh coat of paint! Save 30% off paints and stains for the month of December at Sherwin Williams. Get Your Coupon here.

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How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! – The Toronto Star

How to decorate a small space for the Holidays!

The key is to create an area of focus to avoid a cluttered look in little rooms, design experts say.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

Piling on the holiday décor may be the most obvious way to decorate the home for the season, but for those with limited floor or wall space, too much finery can feel “a bit invasive,” says designer Karl Lohnes.

The solution for small spaces, he suggests, is to pay attention to scale and create focal points. Lohnes did just that when dressing the 650-square-foot main floor of his own townhome, a space that incorporates the entrance, kitchen, and living and dining rooms.

“Dotting things everywhere makes a smaller space look more cluttered, at Christmas or any time of year. So don’t just, for example, pop cards here and there. I put up strings on the wall near my front door and hang cards there to make an impact,” says Lohnes.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

Designer Jo Alcorn may be thinking about larger-scale holiday décor — she just decorated the Table Rock Welcome Centre for Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival of Lights — but she, too, recommends “focused” seasonal décor in small spaces.

“Tabletop décor is a great solution if you are short on floor space,” Alcorn says. “You can use dining, side and coffee tables — all of them can incorporate holiday décor. I love putting a small tree on a table top — it adds interest and romance, and works well for families with animals or young children.”

For homes that don’t have room for a wide-hipped tree, Lohnes likes to go tall and skinny, pointing to a 2.7-metre, pre-lit Dawson Pencil Pine tree from Walmart ($250). Placing the tree on top of a box, which Lohnes wrapped in a faux-fur throw, gives it even more height.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

Home Depot also offers a space-saving tree, with one flat side that stands up against a wall ($220).

Lohnes owns an antique silver punch bowl that only gets used once or twice a season, so he makes it do double duty this time of year. Framed by gold and silver Christmas crackers, it’s topped with inexpensive unbreakable ornaments from Walmart. First, Lohnes filled the bottom of the bowl with newspapers and layered baubles on top.

 Lohnes also likes to create a “portable Christmas tray” filled with candles, nuts, potpourri and greenery.
How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

“It can go from being a centrepiece in the dining room to a coffee table to a credenza. It’s a way to have holiday in every room without having to decorate them all.”

For holiday get-togethers in tight spaces, designer/stylist Janette Ewen — who jet-sets between her L.A.-based design studio Parker Barrow and a small footprint Toronto condo — also likes to marry décor with food and drink.

She makes garden urns stand in as ice buckets, using them to create drink stations.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

“It looks great, eliminates servers and keeps guests from backlogging a bar,” says Ewen, who will also serve guests glasses of Ruffino Prosecco with fruit-flavoured popsicles dropped in — a fun presentation that does away with the punch bowl.

Designer Cori Halpern keeps holiday décor restrained, yet she does love seasonal shimmer.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays! - The Toronto Star

In her small Toronto house, she displays her collection of menorahs, placing them — wherever possible — near windows, where passersby can see them. She also piles LED strings into hurricane lamps, and fills glass vases with dreidels or shiny silver and gold-wrapped Hanukkah gelt.

She favours metallic tones — especially coppery golds — for the holidays.

“A lot of people don’t have metallics in their home at any other time of year, but they work with any décor — traditional, modern and anything in between. So I say bring on the sparkle — along with the peace on earth, please.”


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